RPT - Custom code - Java custom code samples for Rational Performance Tester

RTAS/OTS Server Utils - Shell scripts (utilities) for working with the HCL OneTest Server and Rational Test Automation Server

Kollavarsham.org - Convert Gregorian Calendar dates to their Malayalam (A South Indian) Calendar equivalent. Check out our calendar web application to see it in action.

VoucherSafe - A strongloop powered web application to manage Expense Voucher workflows, that comes with a utility to export vouchers in bulk to Tally Accounting System.

Optaplanner-Timetable - A web application to generate timetables using Optaplanner Constraint Satisfaction Solver and provides an editor to modify or finetune generated timetables.

AptYeoman - A mobile app based on the ionic framework which automates tasks such as water meter readings, SWM segration etc. that could be useful for apartment managers.


Unnikrishnan and Balaraman - Kerala mural painting style - 18"x24" acrylic on canvas

Ganesha - Kerala Mural (18" by 24" acrylic on canvas)

Krishna mural painting - 18' X 24"

Vadakkumnathan Mustang

Krishna mural - Feb'19

Krishna - A Kerala style mural painting (Acrylic on 16"X20" canvas - Nov'18)

Ardhanareeshwaran - mural painting, 16"X20", acrylic colors on canvas, Aug'18

Krishna Leela - my art project June, July 2017 - A3 size

An attempt of a Madhubani style acrylic painting on canvas; July 2018